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remind me of.. oh well fuck this

ya everyone say it anyhow, and i definitively prefer ur story line. it was realy good man ! Good job :D!

Thx for sharing

OH! so that's y we got a white circle in the sky at night :O!

D E C E P T I O N ~! ! ! ! ! !! !

hahaha nice one.

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Can beat level 15 in 3second, (Hint i press and hold W&D then hit q twice and then R)

After getting the second cristal in the cave we have to beat a strong ennemy under 120 second, after I did there was a black screen and the game froze there.

RockLou responds:

That is weird... I have never seen that. I'll look into it!

My kind of game I played this for those last days and finaly just beated it. Make it more RPG by showing how much DPS each weapon deal, and how much the kevlar armor help. When civilian are crafting they should get xp so the build and search aptitude can get up. You will have to make more space to allow more then 5 character later in the game so that we can have 4 engineers and 4 soldier. The melee character isn't helpfull cause we are always moving. If you are good with AI make the melees unit last in formation when moving. So when you move to the right the melee guy walk to the left of the plot when you move to the left he walk to the right of the plot/formation of people. This way we can move away from the enemy until everyone are done shooting then the melee guy protect while everyone reload. I went to a mission and didn't searched all searchable object. When i came back to do that level again it was another level, would be cool if it was static so we feel like we missed something and have to search for it again. I didn't make the math but i think the sniper (something like dragov) isn't strong enogh. AH AND the character are hard to select.

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